unique world of five-dimensional wire emulation
What is CableBRO?
CableBRO™ — a unique plugin CableBRO™, emulating the sound of vintage wire 60s to modern audiophile's cables HI-End. Based on quantum decoding technology Quantum Response (Patent pending, №156-SD02759737)
Why CableBRO?
CableBRO opens the door to a unique world of five-dimensional wire emulation!
Мы хорошо потрудились над созданием технологии QuntumResponse, чтобы вы услышали разницу звука
Individual Sounds
Профессионал и любитель сможет найти для себя уникальное звучание
Взгляд в будущее
Магия звука обволакивает ваши треки
с первых секунд прослушивания
Professioanal view
This plugin is for audiophiles and anyone
who is up to speed on intricacies of sound HI-End
Now, every musician can receive the emulation of warm analog sound of elite audio connectors. The technology allows to emulate the cable length, density, cross-section diameter and personal parameter "washless". In the extended version of the plugin suppliers promise to emulate such conductors as DirtyGarage, CleanStudio and Audio Crystal Superb. All wires are recorded in the studios of the A-Class.

Using QuantumResponse, Institute engineers were able to deliver the love of pulses of different wires so users could touch the wonderful world of sound emulation in 5D format. Including a sequence of several wires in one strand, users can create their own, unique sound.
This plugin is for audiophiles and anyone who is up to speed on intricacies of sound HI-End.

CableBRO will be available VST and StandAlone in versions for Mac and PC. At the moment, the tool is available for pre-order on the site.

The Innovators:
How a Group of Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
It's unbelievable! Now audiophile wires for $ 10,000 dollars can be simulated by using only this emulator! It gives an incredible depth of the scene, rich tones sound and illuminates the lower registers! I put it on every track!
Igor Bardashov
Sound Engineer "B-2", "Tesla Boy", "Pompeya"
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Sound Design Institute gives a free trial for sound engineers,
media representatives, columnist and leading audiophiles.
The expected cost of the plugin for the mass market — $ 6799
Official launch - June 1, 2017.
+7 499 322 32 53
IDEA, WEBSITE: Vasiliy Fialtov
DESIGN CableBRO: Олег Серкин
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