We invite you to join our cycle of free events. You will find a rich winter lecturse from the Sound Design Institute!
Lecture " I Want to create sound design for games. Where to start?"Part 2.

2th of July 2019

What are the features of the gaming industry? What difficulties will you face in the initial stages? What is the process of working with the customer?
Alexander Dmitriev, curator of the "Interactive sound" direction, will share his experience and observations on the work of students

The creation of modern music. How to write a track

3th of July 2019

What prevents you from opening a sound editor and writing a track? What do you need to know to write music and how to understand working with DAW? Ilya Tsvetkov, curator Of the Institute of sound design in the direction of " Creating modern music"

Portfolio Review 2019

26 июля 2019
Bar "Дорогая, я перезвоню"

The main event of the year for the Institute is the final display of works by students Of the Institute of sound design. The students will talk about their experience and demonstrate their skills-they will show a portfolio that has been developed during the year of training.
Moscow Musikmesse 2018

14-15 сентября 2018

Come to Moscow Musikmesse on September 14 and 15 and we will talk about the latest trends in VR|AR, electronic music and the future of gaming audio design

Films, games, music

12, 19, 26 сентября
Библиотека им. Некрасова

There are three topics about sound that we can talk about endlessly-movies, games, and music design
In this course we will talk about each direction a little bit :)

The life of a sound designer

8, 15 сентября 2018


A sound designer is both a musician, a sound engineer, and a producer in one person.
During two lectures Vasily Filatov will talk about working with sound as a profession and vocation