Привет! Меня зовут Василий Филатов. Два года назад я открыл новую образовательную платформу, чтобы сделать образование в области саунд-дизайна более доступным.

Опыт, полученный за годы успешной работы сначала над первым факультетом, а затем над Институтом звукового дизайна, позволил создать более эффективную программу обучения и привлечь лучших специалистов индустрии. К нам прислушиваются Министерство образования, Аналитический центр при Правительстве Российской Федерации, Общественная палата РФ, киностудии и киношколы. Приходите и убедитесь в этом.
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Sound is a tool of creative realization if you know how to apply necessary skills to ideas. Our goal is to provide all required tools and techniques. To teach you understand the dramaturgy of sound in expression of your ideas.
Vasiliy Filatov
Founder/CEO, Sound Design Institute
The Sound Design Institute - it's a unique educational project designed to raise specialized professionals in the field of sound. Educational program is designed so that after education our graduates were totally prepared to work in all spheres connected to sound and music: film, animation, computer games, interactive media.

Our students have an opportunity to learn from not only their curators - one of the brightest professionals of the industry, but also from the guest experts. In a year our students master their skills to work in a film set and in the studio. Exactly for this we rotate theoretical practice and industry project work.

Students get knowledge, skills and expertise from the leading Russian and Foreign industry experts. Students create high-quality portfolio that allows them join the community of professionals

Handbook for sound engineers
Learning professional literature - is a mandatory part of education.
Course duration
1 year

Classes begun on
October 1, 2017
The entry is open for all courses
This course will suit you if you are just discovering the world of sounds and music and you want know oats of sound editors, work confidently with any recorders
and microphones. For those who have already worked with the sound, but want to strengthen their knowledge.
During this course you will get theoretical and practical knowledge of working with sound in the gaming industry and in new formats — AR and VR, 360 video.
You will create interactive installations and mapping. You will study the basics of sound production, sound recording and sound synthesis.
Here you will master the skills of recording different musical instruments in the studio and in the field. You will learn not only how to place microphones correctly and how to set up recording equipment to get the right result, but also how to mix records.
Our goal - is to help shape the musical taste that is hard to miss and to sharpen technical skills that will allow you to concentrate on creative part of work. Course includes training on work with DAW, musical content as well as producing, sound engineering and sound design.
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Program Curators
Workshops in the Institute
Igor Bardashev
Music audio engineering
"Best of all I certainly love the creative part of my work. The opportunity to use technical tools to form the style and achieve artistic goals. You can easily dress up one melody in different styling clothes"
Vasiliy Filatov
Sound design
"I put an emphasis on practical training. Only when the teacher opens the working project and shows the whole process in details: how he would work with it, suggests how it can be improved students get the full set - knowledge
and practice"

Victor Ermakov
Interactive audio
"I try to give students up to date information as much as possible. Technology flourishes and our profession is not only creative, but deeply technological. In order to stay the course we should constantly monitor
the innovations in industry"
Anatoly Ice
Modern music creation
"I love music. Music - is what touches my soul. What makes me happy. What inspires me. I have always had sharp desire to share the music I love"
...and 35 more industry professionals will teach you the art of working with sound.
What major skills does the student get?
It is one of the first steps to work with sound, whether it's recording, an artist, noise or musical instrument.
Understanding the recording principles you can get a good source material in an early stage
Editing / Design
Using the principle of multilayering, you can organically combine the sound textures to implement your ideas. You will learn how to edit speech, synchronous noises, atmosphere and master your skills in the field of sound design
Mixing / Mastering
The right balance between all the sound layers will make a soundtrack rich, solid and transparent and will keep legibility and details. You will learn how to work with surround sound, spectral and musical balance
After receiving the basic industry working experience you can choose a profession connected to the sound: the sound supervisor, sound designer, actor-noise synchronous dubbing, sound re-recording.
We will help you to follow your heart and find your path in the world of sound.
Taught in all profiles
  • basics of sound in audiovisual media
  • sound production in music
  • game and interactive sound
  • dramaturgy of sound
  • history of sound technologies development
  • history of audiovisual arts
  • software
  • plug-ins world
  • management and PR
  • anatomy of sound: physics, acoustics
  • sound synthesis
  • sound design, modeling of sound patterns
  • architectural acoustics
  • sound engineering: studio and field equipment
  • sound recording on set
  • philosophy of ambience, foley, adr, sfx, music
  • mixing and mastering in Stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos
"I focus on practical classes.
When a teacher opens a real project and shows
what can be improved in it and how he himself
would work on it, students learn theory together
with its application on a live project"

Vasiliy Filatov,
Founder of Sound Design Institute
During education, all equipment is provided for free
All practical classes are held in the Institute's own studio. Every student can use the technique in the Institute and can record sound on the set, programme sound and master projects in
stereo projects and 5.1 Surround.

At all educational programs, we use the latest hardware and software from the partners of Institute. All of it is available to students on special terms for the whole period of education. Each student receives a personal workstation and mounting kit for field sound recording.

We are supported by Roland, Sennheiser, Neumann, U-He, Steinberg, Zynaptiq
and many more manufacturers of legendary tools of creation.

Equipment and software
Recorder Roland R26
and a set of microphones
are available for students for free for the entire period of education
In Russia and abroad
Practical training of students - an integral part of the educational process. Several times a year in Sound Sunday in Russia, we show the best works of students.

We are friends with the major international film studios, as well as CG and animation studios . It enables students in the learning process to get hands-on experience with the sound on the best international projects.

Thanks to our partners - Frankfurt Messe - each year we give the students a chance to visit the closed part of the world's largest exhibition event Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Musikmesse —
As a result of one-year study, graduates receive a certificate of education and professionally prepared portfolio
$2499 / semester

This is how much you pay to acquire professional skills and do your favorite work
500 academic hours

The program is designed so that the knowledge gained
in during the lectures are immediately supported by practical exercises
2 evenings + 1 day off

During the educational year, classes are held in a comfortable format - three times a week, 2 evenings on weekdays and one weekend
October 1, 2017

Start of the education
Knowledge is priceless. Especially if it can be successfully applied in practice. It's time to start.

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Sound Design Institute

Classes will be held since October 1, 2016 at the address:
Baumanskaya street, 11, building 8, Moscow, Russia

Contact us:
Call us: +7 499 322 32 53

Working time: everyday, from 10:00 till 20:00 Moscow Time Zone
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