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An online course is an opportunity to learn quickly from anywhere in the world.
In a relaxed and friendly environment, we study theoretical material, conduct practical classes, communicate online in person with experts in the market of sound and music, film and animation, IT and VR. We work on interactive projects and computer games and create exciting sound worlds together.
Work with noise and music libraries
Сreate a musical rhythmic party
Implement sound in WWISE
Independently perform mixing and basic mastering
To create layers of sound: speech, noise, atmosphere, effects
To synthesize sound textures
Record sound atmospheres
Process speech, synchronous noise, special effects
Sound engineer or designer in movies and games
This course is useful if you don't know anything about sound yet, but you really want to know. You are familiar with the main directions in working with sound for movies, animation and games. At the end of the course, the student will master the knowledge to create high-quality sound of film, television, animation projects, computer games, commercials
Musician, DJ, composer, music producer
The course focuses on working with the composer, creating music tracks from noise
After completing this course, you will be able to take a new look at the familiar tools for working with sound.
And you will also learn how to work more conveniently with an orchestral session.
Filmmaker, director, motion designer, producer, blogger
In searching for a sound engineer on your author's project, do not know how to hang a lapel microphone and where to place a microphone-gun? After completing the course, you will be able to record your own sound for your project. Learn how to create full-fledged audiovisual works.
The course is an author's approach of experts. It describes the methods and practices developed over twenty years of experience of curators. The program is designed in such a way that theoretical and practical knowledge is given selectively. We do not give the information that you can find for free, but recommend proper resources!
The maximum time for completing homework is four months. After the end of the course, video lessons remain.
Module 1. The basics of sound
1. The basic layers of sound
speech, atmosphere, synchronous noise, SFX, music

2. Parsing ScareCrow project layers

3. Basic tool
sound card, recorder, microphone, headphones, speakers, switching, workstation

4. Organization of space in the home Studio

5. Overview of the sound editor functionality on the example of Cubase 7.5, track editing, group tracks

6. Analysis of sound design examples
Module 2. Audio recording and processing
  1. Audio recording and processing steps
    - pre-production
    - - production
    - post-production
  2. Basic audio processing tools
    - volume
    - panorama
    - compression
    - equalization
  3. Creating special effects for a video
  4. Tonal textures, impacts, noises
  5. Working with invoices
  6. Create a monster with your voice
  7. Parsing sound for Motion-design and animation
Module 3. Interactive environment
  1. Features of the gaming industry
  2. Analysis of game sound
    - game development environments
    - approaches to # nbsp; creating sound in a # nbsp; game
    - create sounds under the image
    - writing music for the # nbsp; game
  3. Working with # nbsp; WWISE
    Download and install, general interface, layouts, layout soundbank
    layouts mixer, schematic, hints in # nbsp; program, creating a project,
    sound creation and event, playback mode, external editor,
    adding effects, game parameters, complex events, sound format, soundbank generation
  4. Sample Project
    Steps, modification of minigun, minigun, ambients, machine engine
Module 4. Writing music
  1. Writing music
  2. The role of music in audiovisual media
  3. Technical analysis of the phonogram
  4. Writing music
    - the mood of the composition
    - size and rhythm, bass, drums, melody, special effects
    - orchestra session
  5. Mixing and processing
    - balance
    - compression
    - equalization. etc
  6. Music design: creating a track from noise
  7. Analysis of projects from the point of view of the composer
Module 5. Bonus block. Media management
Brief on portfolio, job search, copyright, and community development
Vasily Filatov
Founder of the Institute, composer and sound designer

He developed an audiologotype, sound effects and all the key compositions for the first Russian phone YotaPhone. Developed sound identity Disney Channel Russia, Kidzania, Alfa-mobile, Respublika, Hannover Messe 2013, Trapezium Iota
He worked at the film Studio. Gorky sound engineer information/re-recording. He has more than 300 projects under his belt.
Alexander Dmitriev
Lead sound developer, teacher of the course "Interactive Audio"

The leading developer of the Studio SoundDesigner.PRO - sound designer, composer. Specialist in sound implementation in WWISE. He has more than 60 game projects under his belt, including Ex machina, Angry Birds Halloween Edition and Resogun, which won the "Best Sound onPS4 Console" award according to IGN.
Oleg Serkin
Sound designer, composer
Maria Efimenko
The course coordinator
Pavel Rybakov
The course coordinator
Many thanks to our supporters
Final task: create a sound design for the video.
Go through the topic and complete the task.Each work is checked by the Institute's experts on an individual basis
Ekaterina Kernozhitskaya
Azat Baimagambetov
Valentin Agapov
Andrew Batozsky
Alexander Karataev
Alexander Krasovsky
You will learn how to make a conceptual sound design for a motion video, write music from noise and will understand the basic tools for working with sound
for the course
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with our teachers
16 hours of video tutorials
Start right now
Chat in Telegram, where you can ask questions about the topics of the course, get an opinion about the equipment you are interested in. Ask for advice on your work
16 hours of theoretical materials. The course has many topics ranging from the basic theory of working with sound to the final information
You can start studying the course at any time. During 4 training months you can perform tasks in a convenient mode
Apply for online course
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When can I start training?
The course is available at any time. Wherever in the world you are, you can start at the same moment.
What level of knowledge is needed at the start of the course?
Special technical training is not required for admission to the course. The advantage will be the basic knowledge of sound editors.
If you have never worked in DAW, don`t worry :) During the course we cover basics. And if you have any problems, just ask a question in our chat. The answer will be given shortly.
How long does the training take?
The course lasts 4 months. This means that a student is given 4 months, from the moment you received an email with access, to perform and receive feedback from teachers. All materials, video lessons, links remain with you after the end of the course.
How is the training going?
The course includes theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical block - 16 hours of pre-recorded video lessons.
Viewing lessons alternates with completing homework. All tasks in the course are creative. The course provides the implementation of the "diploma" work, which you can put in your portfolio. Each work is individually checked weekly by the teachers of the Institute.
An important point is the possibility of continuous communication. In a Telegram chat, a student can get feedback from the curators and our support team at any time of the day. Whether you need to clarify unclear points, learn in a friendly atmosphere opinions about your work, or receive professional advice.
Each task is checked by the course experts on on an individual basis. This means that they do not respond according to templates. Your work is evaluated based on your initial knowledge and level of skills.
Curators review your work on a weekly basis and give you feedback in writing.
What hardware and software do you need to complete the course?
For training on the course you need
  • a computer with a free sound editor Reaper or any other program that is familiar and ubodna in use
  • headphones or speakers
  • good Internet connection
Everything else: recorders, sound cards, microphones, software - optional, and is at your discretion.

You can use the microphone built into your phone to complete tasks.
What works can I put in my portfolio?
The course includes 9 homework assignments. They are checked by our teachers. You can put five of them in your portfolio:
  • Sound design for Motion video;
  • Creating your own project in Wwise;
  • Creating a musical composition from noise;
  • Diploma work. Choose any video, make a sound design.
What tasks are there in the course?
How much time will I spend on each task?
There are nine homework assignments in the course, all of them creative. Each of them you can run with a comfortable speed for you.

Tasks that are not included in the portfolio, you can do no more than an hour.
We recommend spending at least two hours working with sound, music and video.
How many times can I submit a task for correction?
You can pass each task twice: for the initial check, and for revision after you have received a comment from an expert.
How many tasks do I need to do to get a certificate?
In order for us to send the certificate, you need to complete all the tasks.
Ask them by phone, email, or write directly here. We will always respond :)
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